Monday, 25 November 2013

The battle of Isstvan V

Iron hands:
Ferrus Manus
Gabriel Santar
squad of 3 terminators
squad of 5 terminators
squad of 6 marines with combiflamer
squad of 6 marines with combiflamer

Emperor's children:
Julius Kaesoron (with combimelta)
5 termis with combimelta
7 chosen
7 marines
8 marines
10 lesser daemons
 Deployment, note isstvan's improved defences to the right

Turn 1 iron hands

 Two drop pods descend from the sky: emerging from one them Ferrus manus, Gabriel Santar and three morlocks
 while the other serves as transport for one dreadnought
the first blood falls to a demon killed by one of the iron hands squads 
 the dreadnught blows the power fist from his renegade counterpart with his meltagun
 ferrus and his sons take a heavy toll from Fulgrim and his chosen
Turn 1 emperor's children
 a squad and the lesser daemons advance against the iron hands lines
 the terminators move behind the dreadnought

 the dreadnougth explodes after receiving six shots from meltarifle at close range
Turn 2 iron hands
 Ferrus and the morlocks move to shoot down two marines
 while another chosen is killed by the troops garrisoning the tower
a third drop pod falls unleashing more morlocks 

 another one falls behind a squad of marines, emerging a drednought that boils a renegade with his meltagun

 a deamon falls to iron hands bolters
in the assault phase Ferrus leads his squad against Fulgrim, a duel erupts between the primarchs while the terminators battle with the chosen. The assult ends with two wounds for Fulgrim and the remaining chosen killed 

Turn 2 emperor's children
The lesser daemons charge the bunker in the left but with no casualties inflicted or taken
 a marines squad inflics one damage to the the tower's garrison

 the other marine squad charges against the dreadnought but fail to cause any damage, losing one of their own in the process
 after surviving miracolously a salvo of 6 meltarifles, the morlocks suffer one wound to the charging emperor's children dreadnought (limited to kicks after losing his powerfist!)

 The morlocks riposte destroys the dreadnought in a huge explosion that covers a big area
 when the dust settles a terminator lays dead

Turn 3 iron hands
 Gabriel Santar leads his morloks against the marines squad, the fire from their bolters and flamer kills two of them, in the following charge they finish all but one of the emperor's children
 looking for revenge, the other squad of morlocks charges head on into Julius Kaesoron and his bodyguards, their bolters take the life of one
 the combat in the bunker continues with a casualty per side
 Fuelled by righteous fury the morlocks kill first all the terminators
 then Julius Kaesoron, losing just one of their number in exchange

Turn 3 emperor's children
Forming part of the second wave of legions the night lords arrive on the battlefield, casting off their pretended loyalty open fire inmediatly into the surprised loyalists (yep, the ghostly hand of Horus is behind all this!)

 a marine from the tower is the first victim of his supposed brothers
 the emperor's children keep falling against the dreadnought's mass
 but the daemons manage to cause a wound to the defenders of the bunker (who pass without problem their leadership test)
Turn 4 iron hands
 After finishing the emperor children squad Gabriel Santar charges against the night lords enraged by their vile treachery
 the morlocks assault the daemons 

 with morlock help the combat starts to turn with the vanishment of two daemons

Turn 4 emperor's children
 the concentrated fire of the night lords termis kills two morlocks 

 But after six rounds of hand to hand Ferrus Manus stands victorious over  the corpse of his brother Fulgrim
while still more night lords arrive to the field

Turn 5 iron hands
The morlocks charge home against the night lords terminators, killing three at the cost of one wound to Santar. Ferrus advances behind them 
 the combat in the bunker finishes with the vanishment of the last daemon
while the dreadnought keeps killing

Turn 5 emperor's children
in the last turn, Ferrus recieves his fifth wound from a humble (and lucky) night lords bolter

  the combat goes on with a terminator killed for side

 the last emperor's children are slaughtered by the dreadnought marking thus the end of the game


The outcome:

An outstanding Loyalist victory! the iron hands have taken a horrendous toll on the emperor's children, killing even their primarch Fulgrim, but surrounded everywhere by traitors their future is grim and hopeless.

Battle progression

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