Friday, 6 December 2013

Walls of Terra

 The traitor reaver stand in front of the walls of the imperial palace, their mission: open a breach for the forces of Horus to storm in. Against them is arrayed an armoured vanquisher company of the Saturnine Hoplites and a platoon of Jovian Grenadiers.
 All them led by Sanguinius, the lord of angels
 The fisrt turn goes to the titan, it's first shot pulverizes three grenadiers and the cannon of the tank

sucessive impacts of the laser blaster imoblize the tank, 
 destroy a section of the walls,
another one and 
 blews up the tank
 the other arm destroys another tank
 and three more grenadiers
 the double barrelled turbolaser of the carpace destoys another tank
 the devastation of the titan's first turn
 but the empire never surrends! Sanguinus clashes in hand to hand with the titan, the spear of Telesto cluthed firmly in his hands
the rest of the army charges head on 
 their fire is deflected by void shields, but Sanguinius manages to stun the giant walker
 unable to move or shoot the titan is limited to defend itself from the primarch. In the imperial turn the tanks move under the void shield, but their fire remains unnefective
 the grenadiers charge valiantly grenades in hand
and Sanguinius starts suffering his first wounds 
 the titan is suffering heavily, all his weapons have been destroyed, and he advances to engage the tanks in hand to hand
 one of wich is destroyed
 in his last turn he charges against one that tried to outflank him, but is unable to deal enough damage
 finally in the empire's last turn a humble soldier with a krak grenade manages to imobilize the machine
glory tot the valiant guardsman!


Titan: 1100 victory points (each wall section counting 200pts)
Empire: 1500 victory points (for imobilizzing the titan)

The empire has obtained it's victory, however Sanguinius has been injuried, and he will deduce those two wounds when attacking Horus in the Vengeful Spirit.

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